(Regulation 34)

34. (1) A complainant must pay a fixed fee in the sum of R10,000-00 to the provider for one adjudicator as contemplated in regulation 20(3) or a fixed fee in the sum of R24,000-00 for three adjudicators to decide the dispute, if the complainant elects to have the dispute decided by three adjudicators.

(2) If a registrant elects in terms of regulation 18(2)(d) to have the dispute decided by three adjudicators, rather than a single adjudicator elected by the complainant, the registrant and the complainant must pay the provider a fixed fee in the sum of R12,000-00 each.

(3) The appeal fee for an appeal under regulation 32 is a fixed fee in the sum of R24,000-00.

(4) A complainant or registrant may approach the Authority, in writing, for financial assistance to lodge a dispute or defend a dispute, which assistance may be considered at the discretion of the Authority taking into account the financial means of the complainant or registrant. (see Financial Assistance)

(5) Upon receipt of the fees required in terms this regulation, the provider must immediately pay 10% of the fees to the Authority, which fees the Authority must use exclusively to fund other complainants and registrants seeking financial assistance.

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